Shop Small: The Coffee Edition


Need a last minute gift? Coffee shop gift cards are one of the easiest gifts to get that practically anyone will love. But before you give more money to the big S, consider buying from one of our many amazing local coffee shops! You can get gift cards as well as coffee beans and even mugs and keep your money local. Here are a few of my favorite local coffee shops in the OKC area:

1. Leaf & Bean - 321 N Oklahoma Ave, Suite 107

I found this adorable coffee shop via a photo shoot last winter (see pic above). Besides having great natural light, they also have incredibly delicious coffee and tea. You can also buy coffee beans to make your own at home. And I love that they have a "Quarantine Coffee Club" t-shirt with proceeds going to continue paying their employees during covid shut downs!

2. Vintage Coffee - 5001 N Western Ave

I'm an old school fan of Vintage Coffee having discovered them back when they were on 150th street. One of the reasons their creations are so delicious is that they only use organic coffee and natural flavorings. They have some phenomenal food as well. And if you can't go to them, they have a great delivery service that will come to you! A very cool addition to the menu for 2020 are sponsorships to gift coffee and food to essential workers. They also have a Weekly Random Thank You for essential workers that you can donate $1 or more to!

3. Coffee Jerks - 2820 NW 122nd St

I love the story about how Coffee Jerks got its name almost as much as I love their coffee (check out the video on their website to find out)! Besides their OKC location, they also have a Deer Creek location. You haven't truly lived until you've tried their hot chocolate freeze. And the coffee is great as well!

4. Hoboken Coffee Roasters - 224 S Division St in Guthrie

Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie is the most adorable coffee shop you will ever set foot in. And their coffee is definitely worth the 30 minute drive! Hoboken has a huge variety of coffee beans you can buy in the shop or order online (Okie Kid Blend is my favorite). There is even a subscription program.They may not be in the metro area, but they're too good to leave out!

What are some of your favorite local coffee shops? Are you a "coffee snob" or do you like the flavored and blended drinks? Let me know in the comments! Xoxo

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