A Brief History of Nail Art

You've probably noticed that short, squared off French manicures have given way to fun fingernails. Longer lengths, vibrant colors, and nail art are now mainstream. But as with so many trends, this one is not actually new. Black women have been rocking this look for ages.

As we are all (hopefully) doing a better job of educating ourselves these days, I think it is important to bring attention to the fact that many current trends are originally from Black culture. While Kylie Jenner and other white influencers may be credited with the nail art trend, Black women started this fashion statement years ago. The amazing Olympic athlete Florence Griffith-Joyner ("Flo Jo") and her patriotic nails of the early 90's come to mind. Black women have long been criticized for extravagant nails while many white women have not typically received the same treatment. You can read more about that here.

I have long admired this nail trend but wondered if I could still pull it off. I used to do my own nails in junior high and high school, and I still remember my typing teacher telling me on the first day that I would have to cut them (I didn't and still ended up with the fastest time in the class).  After creating an expansive Pinterest board with nail art looks, I decided to go for it. You can check out some of my most recent looks below. I, for one, am in love with this trend and don't see myself going back to boring nails anytime soon!  

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