Fall Fashion 2019 Trend #2: Capes

When you think about a jacket for this fall, think outside the box. We've all got the basic sherpa, a utility jacket, and a great trench, but what about a cape? No, we're not talking superhero capes here (although most women deserve one); we're talking a variety of capes from chic to sporty to elegant. There are numerous styles by lots of different designers at all different price points. Here are a few from the runway for inspiration:

Celine (and those boots are to DIE for)




Miu Miu

As you can see, there are SO many lengths, colors, and styles to choose from. That means there is something for everyone! They're also easy to dress up or down, which makes them a great wardrobe staple to have. Now since this blog is about affordable fashion, here are a few options for those of us who can't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new cape for fall:

This beautiful cape from Shein comes in four different colors and is so chic, nobody would ever guess it only costs $25!

Here's another Shein cape in a beautiful jewel tone (which is also another big fall trend)!

This Modena double layer cape is a longer version that's warm, cozy, and only $34.97!

Here's a cute plaid version from Zulily for just $69.99!

And for some real life inspo, here's a great olive cape I wore all over Paris three years ago!

What capes are YOU coveting this season? Tell me in the comments, and let me know how you would style them! Xoxo

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