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Anyone else still not finished with Christmas shopping, or is it just me? If you’re in the same boat, don’t panic! Amazon’s two-day shipping has gotten me out of a jam more times than I’d like to admit (especially during the holiday season). I’ve put together a list for you of some great last-minute gift ideas that can all be found on Amazon and will arrive before Christmas. So grab your list, get comfy, and finish up your shopping with these super easy ideas:
  1. Books– You don’t have to be an English major to appreciate a good book as a gift. Books are great because you can find one that every single person on your list would be interested in. Got a relative who loves to read? Check out the novels of the year list and pick one. Know somebody who’s a big history buff? Get a non-fiction book about a famous historical event or person.  Any kiddos on your list? Get some Harry Potter or one of the new, fun interactive journals. There are books about literally every subject in the universe which makes them one of the easiest presents to give. 
  2. Slippers– This may sound a little lame at first, but think about it…who wouldn’t want something warm and cozy to put on their feet in the wintertime? You can find every color in the rainbow and styles from slip-ons to booties. My slippers always seem to wear out quickly (or get lost somehow), so even if someone already has a pair, chances are that they won’t mind getting another. You also don’t have to worry about knowing the exact size since they typically come in generic S, M or L.
  3. Gift Box Subscriptions– These are, as Cousin Eddie says, “The gift that keeps on giving the whole year!” And you can find them for pretty much every niche. There are monthly subscriptions for beauty products, food, coffee/tea, wine/beer, crafts, games, even socks! These make a fun surprise every month for the recipient and are often something that people don’t think of buying for themselves.
  4. Gift Cards– I know a lot of people see this one as a cop out, but stay with me here. I’m not talking about a random Target or Amazon card (although I personally would be thrilled to get either of those!). I’m talking about a more personalized gift card that shows you’ve considered the person receiving it and put some thought into it. If you know someone who is a gamer, get a giftcard to the Xbox or PlayStation Store. For a music buff, you could go for an iTunes or Amazon Music card. And an Audible gift card makes a great gift for someone who enjoys audiobooks. If you’re not sure about the person’s hobbies or interests, grab a movie theater gift card (everyone likes movies, right?).  By adding just a touch of personalization to it, you can turn a gift that sometimes seems impersonal into one that shows great thoughtfulness.
Again, the best thing about these ideas is that they can ALL be purchased on Amazon and delivered way before Christmas. Feel free to comment with any ideas of your own! Happy Shopping!!! xoxo

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