Old (Faithful) Navy

If I had to choose one store that consistently delivers exactly what I’m looking for, I would have to say it’s Old Navy. While they may not be one of the most fashion-forward places I shop at, they have an unbeatable selection of great quality basics at excellent prices. I’ve never found a better place to buy comfy t-shirts and basic jeans, not to mention their kids and mens sections! Here’s how I make their already low prices even lower:

1 – Subscribe to their emails and watch what’s on sale! Three days ago, they had $8 flannels. Two days ago, they had $15 jeans. Yesterday, they had $8 tees. The only catch is that you have to strike while the iron is hot because these deals are often just for a day or two. There are some that are online only as well. But if you can get a $40 pair of jeans for $15 and a $30 top for $8, it’s definitely worth checking your email every day!

2 – Get an Old Navy card! You can get so many extra stackable discounts and earn so many rewards that you will literally save hundreds of dollars every year. I try to keep my credit cards to a minimum, but Old Navy is one that I have never regretted getting.

3 – Earn and use Old Navy Cash! These can often be used in conjunction with all other discounts unlike at many other stores. It’s easy to earn and even easier to spend!

I like to hit up Old Navy when I’m ready to stock up on t-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and jeans. My last order consisted of ten pieces and came to a final total of less than $65 after sales codes and rewards. Plus, they have a great activewear line and some of the cutest graphic tees I’ve ever seen! You can also find great deals on outerwear, too.  The main thing is to check their website and your emails often for their flash sales, sale codes, and rewards offers. Happy shopping and saving!

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