NYE: Sequins, Sparkles, and Champagne

New Year’s Eve is probably my most favorite holiday to dress up for, probably because you get to wear something glamorous and sparkly that would normally get you some pretty strange looks around here! It can also be a tricky holiday to dress for because some years it’s 50 degrees and other years we have a freaking ice storm. No matter what your plans are or what the weather does, here are some of the best trends and the easiest places to find them last minute at a chic for cheap price!
Sequins and metallics are givens at any New Year’s celebration and are easy to find. One change up I’m really liking this year though is the rainbow sequins instead of traditional silver or gold. What better time to stand out and make a statement than on New Year’s Eve?? If your style is a bit more subtle, there are lots of gorgeous velvet pieces to choose from that are great options. And if you’re afraid you might be too chilly, the jumpsuits that are out this year are super fun and trendy. You could even pair them with a velvet or animal print jacket for extra warmth. Check out the examples below and where to find them!
Express is always a safe bet when it comes to NYE garb, and this year is no exception. They have gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits here starting at under $30!
Fashion favorite H&M has a great selection of party dresses as well starting at just $12.99!
If you’re having difficulty finding an affordable dress at places you normally shop, consider looking at a junior’s clothing store. Typically this can lead to trouble if you’re not careful, but NYE is one evening when it’s widely acceptable to dress like a “junior” in sparkly sequins and other party wear. Charlotte Russeis one of my favorite junior stores to shop in (especially for shoes!) and they have several great party dresses, jumpsuits, and even rompers to choose from this year. The price range is great as well because most of them are between $16 and $35! You might not get as high quality merchandise as you would at a store like Express, but that’s okay because you’re buying a dress to be worn on a couple of occasions, not an everyday wardrobe staple. Helpful hint: if you do go this route, remember that they are junior sizes and size up.
Even stores who are normally a little bit pricier, such as Dillards, Macy’s, or Bebe, can have great finds on their sale racks during this time of year. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Nordstromnearby, go check out their Half Yearly Sale for some great deals on what would normally be very expensive party dresses!
Another great option is to check out your local resale stores. Places like Clothes Mentor have designer brands at much lower resale prices. Vintage shops are another place to find some really cool, one of a kind pieces. Whatever you’re wearing and wherever you’re going this New Year’s Eve, BE SAFE and celebrate in style! Cheers to 2019, may it be your BEST year yet! Xoxo

Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale: The Cure For Post-Xmas Blues That We All Need Right Now

Who else feels a bit of a let down after Christmas is over? This thing we’ve been spending weeks (or even months) preparing for and hyping up in our minds is over in what seems like a flash….so now what?? Never fear, it’s retail therapy to the rescue! Nordstrom has begun their Half Yearly Sale that runs through January 2nd, so I’ve rounded up some great chic for cheap pieces that will carry you happily through the rest of the winter months. Everything I’ve posted here is under $50. And in true chic for cheap fashion, many of them can also be worn into spring as well. Happy shopping! Xoxo
It seems like we start looking towards spring as soon as Christmas is over with, but there are many, many weeks of cold weather ahead of us. This chenille cable sweater is the perfect piece to keep you warm and cheer you up with its fun colors (also comes in teal!). And at less than $35, it’ll cheer up your post-xmas bank account too!Cable Knit Chenille Sweater,
                        color, YELLOW MINERAL
This long sleeve topis a great basic layering piece and that can be worn during literally ALL seasons. It come in several different colors and is a huge bargain right now at just $7.60! I already have the white striped one pictured here and will be adding the black striped one to my cart!Slouch Pocket Tee,
                        color, IVORY SANDY STRIPE
I bought these moto leggings in burgundy during the Nsale last year and in black this year, and I wear them with absolutely EVERYTHING. They are high waisted and super comfy! They’re perfect with sweaters, tees, tanks, cardigans, hoodies, you name it! Runs small, so size up.Washed Moto Leggings,
                        color, OLIVE DARK
Patterned pants are huge this season, and this plaid pair also incorporates the racing stripe trend with a great pop of color. They can be worn with dressy blouses, graphic tees, sweaters, or even crop tops. Super cute AND versatile!Side Stripe Glen Plaid Pants,
                        color, BLACK GLEN CHECK
The teddy bear coat trend that began last year is still going strong, so if you didn’t snag one then, here’s your chance! This soft, cozy coatis almost half off AND is reversible!Reversible Teddy Jacket,
                        color, TAN BURRO
I love a brightly colored scarf to add some joy on a dreary winter day, and this oneby Topshop is perfect! When I’ve been wearing maroons and browns all autumn long, I like to switch it up with pinks and blues. And the multicolored fringe on the ends is so fun! If bright colors aren’t your thing, here is another beautiful scarf that would also be a great option. The fat fringe on the end is in style right now, and the soft colors have a more sophisticated feel. The best part is that both of them are under $20!
Tonal Fringe Scarf,
                        color, GREY IVORYStripe Ribbed Scarf,
                        color, BLACK MULTI

Amazon Saves the Day

Anyone else still not finished with Christmas shopping, or is it just me? If you’re in the same boat, don’t panic! Amazon’s two-day shipping has gotten me out of a jam more times than I’d like to admit (especially during the holiday season). I’ve put together a list for you of some great last-minute gift ideas that can all be found on Amazon and will arrive before Christmas. So grab your list, get comfy, and finish up your shopping with these super easy ideas:
  1. Books– You don’t have to be an English major to appreciate a good book as a gift. Books are great because you can find one that every single person on your list would be interested in. Got a relative who loves to read? Check out the novels of the year list and pick one. Know somebody who’s a big history buff? Get a non-fiction book about a famous historical event or person.  Any kiddos on your list? Get some Harry Potter or one of the new, fun interactive journals. There are books about literally every subject in the universe which makes them one of the easiest presents to give. 
  2. Slippers– This may sound a little lame at first, but think about it…who wouldn’t want something warm and cozy to put on their feet in the wintertime? You can find every color in the rainbow and styles from slip-ons to booties. My slippers always seem to wear out quickly (or get lost somehow), so even if someone already has a pair, chances are that they won’t mind getting another. You also don’t have to worry about knowing the exact size since they typically come in generic S, M or L.
  3. Gift Box Subscriptions– These are, as Cousin Eddie says, “The gift that keeps on giving the whole year!” And you can find them for pretty much every niche. There are monthly subscriptions for beauty products, food, coffee/tea, wine/beer, crafts, games, even socks! These make a fun surprise every month for the recipient and are often something that people don’t think of buying for themselves.
  4. Gift Cards– I know a lot of people see this one as a cop out, but stay with me here. I’m not talking about a random Target or Amazon card (although I personally would be thrilled to get either of those!). I’m talking about a more personalized gift card that shows you’ve considered the person receiving it and put some thought into it. If you know someone who is a gamer, get a giftcard to the Xbox or PlayStation Store. For a music buff, you could go for an iTunes or Amazon Music card. And an Audible gift card makes a great gift for someone who enjoys audiobooks. If you’re not sure about the person’s hobbies or interests, grab a movie theater gift card (everyone likes movies, right?).  By adding just a touch of personalization to it, you can turn a gift that sometimes seems impersonal into one that shows great thoughtfulness.
Again, the best thing about these ideas is that they can ALL be purchased on Amazon and delivered way before Christmas. Feel free to comment with any ideas of your own! Happy Shopping!!! xoxo

PJ’s, Please!

If you’re like me, this cold front (combined with the fact that it gets dark at 5:00 pm now) has you wanting to break out the flannel sheets and winter pj’s! I practically live in these cozy things from November to March, so I’m glad to report that there are TONS of cute prints and patterns at a variety of price points. Check out some of my faves:

 Old Navy has an adorable collection of pajamas this year. They have mix and match tops/bottoms, pj sets, shorts, and even onesies! Right now they are priced from $10 to $35, but keep an eye on them because Old Navy has frequent sales. Bonus: men’s and kid’s matching pajamas are available, so if you need some for a great Christmas morning pic, here ya go!
If you’re a Victoria’s Secret  fan, they have some great pj options this winter that look far more comfortable than anything you’ll see in their fashion show! These sets range from $49.50 to $59.50 and can be combined with a free slipper promo right now.
Last but not least is my favorite go-to….Nordstrom! They offer the widest range of styles, brands (including designer), and prices as well as FREE shipping and FREE returns on everything! Styles shown here range from $59 to $98.
All of these sites have a great selection of robes and slippers if you need some extra coziness! Just add a fuzzy blanket and a mug of hot cocoa, and you’re ready to binge watch all 32 of the new Hallmark Christmas movies!

Old (Faithful) Navy

If I had to choose one store that consistently delivers exactly what I’m looking for, I would have to say it’s Old Navy. While they may not be one of the most fashion-forward places I shop at, they have an unbeatable selection of great quality basics at excellent prices. I’ve never found a better place to buy comfy t-shirts and basic jeans, not to mention their kids and mens sections! Here’s how I make their already low prices even lower:

1 – Subscribe to their emails and watch what’s on sale! Three days ago, they had $8 flannels. Two days ago, they had $15 jeans. Yesterday, they had $8 tees. The only catch is that you have to strike while the iron is hot because these deals are often just for a day or two. There are some that are online only as well. But if you can get a $40 pair of jeans for $15 and a $30 top for $8, it’s definitely worth checking your email every day!

2 – Get an Old Navy card! You can get so many extra stackable discounts and earn so many rewards that you will literally save hundreds of dollars every year. I try to keep my credit cards to a minimum, but Old Navy is one that I have never regretted getting.

3 – Earn and use Old Navy Cash! These can often be used in conjunction with all other discounts unlike at many other stores. It’s easy to earn and even easier to spend!

I like to hit up Old Navy when I’m ready to stock up on t-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and jeans. My last order consisted of ten pieces and came to a final total of less than $65 after sales codes and rewards. Plus, they have a great activewear line and some of the cutest graphic tees I’ve ever seen! You can also find great deals on outerwear, too.  The main thing is to check their website and your emails often for their flash sales, sale codes, and rewards offers. Happy shopping and saving!

Right On Target

Most of us know that Target has an amazing dollar section with all kinds of things you never knew you needed....but did you also know that they have some fabulous fashions? Target has always been more avant garde than similar stores like Wal-Mart, but in the last couple of years, they have really stepped up their game. Look for their brands A New Day, Who What Wear, Ava & Viv, and Prologue to find some great pieces that rival looks from stores like Loft, Gap, American Eagle, and Madewell for half the price.
As a matter of fact, there are some of these pieces from Target that are being featured right now all over Instagram by established bloggers. A couple of my faves are this chic leopard sweater (which is on its way to me as we speak!) and this adorable striped sweater.  They've also got a great selection of graphic tees like this Hocus Pocus tank I scored last week for $12.99! The best thing I've gotten from Target lately though (and something else that's all over Instagram) are these warm, fuzzy, super soft slippers! They literally feel like heaven on your feet for under $20. Buy them for yourself. Now.
Target already has relatively low prices on clothing and accessories, but there are a couple of super easy ways to save even more: Cartwheel and Red Card. Cartwheel is part of the Target app and has extra percent-off deals you can take advantage of. I check it every week for new deals (usually as I'm standing in line to check out because I forgot until the last second). All you do is click on each offer you want to add them and then scan the barcode it generates for you at checkout. The Red Card is Target's credit/debit card. I try to keep my number of credit cards to a minimum so I chose the debit card option. Either way, you still get an extra 5% off your purchases AND free delivery! Another way to save when you shop at Target is to ALWAYS check the clearance section. Target has one of THE best clearance sections of any store I've ever been to, and I've saved countless dollars over the years by scavenging through their massive clearance racks. Definitely worth the time and effort.
Basically what I'm saying is that if you're looking to get in on this whole being fashionable without spending a fortune thing, Target should be one of your go-to's. Besides keeping with the latest trends, they've also got some high quality pieces that look way more expensive than they really are. And that's the whole point of this blog, right?? Chic for cheap...right on, Target!


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